Monday, February 24, 2014

Pit Bull Attacker Kim DeMuth Singh


The 4 year old Arizona victim fights for his life while people like Kim DeMuth from Dubuque Iowa sits at her computer lashing out at the victim.

Her opinion? 

Really?  A FOUR year old toddler was trespassing? (!!!)

The facts have been stated Kim.  We know the undog didn't leave its yard.  What we realize is had this been any other kind of dog, this 4 year old would most likely have suffered no more than a nip on his HAND for reaching to take the bone.  Instead the undog went for his face.  WENT FOR THE KILL.

Now, I don't blame the 4 year old.  And I don't blame the dog.  The dog was doing exactly what it was born to do.  KILL. 

I blame people like YOU Kim DeMuth.  I blame liars that fill the world with your pit propaganda.  Tell us Kim DeMuth Singh, was THIS a Nanny Dog?

What Kim?  Are you just going to stand there with an evil grin on your face?  'Fess up!! You would see this victim, this 4 year old toddler, be PUNISHED because some undog might die. 

This, in my opinion, makes Kim DeMuth unhuman. 

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