Monday, February 24, 2014

Dangerous Pit Bull protected by Dangerous Advocates


Mickey the pitbull managed to nearly rip the flesh off a small child's face over the weekend. 

The little 4 year old was doing what 4 year olds are suppose to do, playing outside, when he wandered into the neighbors unfenced yard where a dangerous pitbull laid in wait.

The child was severely injured because the dog was an undog.  If this had been any other breed of dog,
the child would most likely have suffered no injury.

According to reports, the child was rushed to a local hospital where he was in shock from blood loss.  The staff  at Maricopa Medical Center were shocked at how severe the maiming was, saying the facial injuries were horrific, "A large amount of his face from his forehead to his jaw was ripped back, folded back over the ear, and the mandible having obvious fracture to it this one caught everybody off guard with the severity," said Dr. Jeffrey Salamone.

The dog was removed by Maricopa County Animal Care and Control, and this message sent to parents of all children, "make sure your children are aware of the fact they should not take a toy take a bone from the dogs mouth don't tug on their tail or ears or feet try to educate your kids".

The Doctors at the hospital?  The say both Micky (the pitbull) and the 4 year old boy were just doing what they would naturally do. Dogs are possessive of food and toys and the little boy was probably just being curious, they say he didn't know any better. 
Of course the child didn't know better!!!  We aren't born to fear, he saw a dog and wanted to pet it most likely.  Perfectly innocent, perfectly normal.  The problem?  The dog isn't a normal dog, it's a pitbull.
What's even more abnormal?

The response of the pitbull advocate community!  Because Mickey will "most likely be put to sleep" after his 10 day quarantine because his owner 'surrendered him' the pitbull advocates are out for blood.  Real blood!
The advocates, here's a few in their own words, taken from a page opened to on Facebook in effort to save the attacking pitbull.


THIS is what a victim faces.  Not only the physical pain and healing (if they're lucky enough to survive), but also the continuing attack's by lowlife scum's like Ann Crossposter.  
Can you imagine there is someone this crazy, this psychotic, and this hateful living among us?  Well, if you live in Paducah Kentucky, congratulations.  You have a certifiable and possibly homicidal she-devil living amongst you.
Keeping all victims safe from prolonged attacks is the purpose of this page.  So, I wonder just how much the following organizations she likes on Facebook would like it if they knew she was this crazy!?  
I can only assume, but if it were my organization, I'd cut her off immediately from posting or cross-posting on my organization's behalf.  Crazy people representing them, well, can't be good for the dogs and cats she claims she works so hard to protect.  If she'll go so far as to WISH the death of a child because of a dog's life, how far would she go when not sitting at a computer screen?

People like Ann Crossposter are as responsible for the thousands of attacks suffered nationwide every year as the dogs themselves.  They insist on putting them out in the public.  How can we possibly trust adopting pitbulls from people like this?

But it's easy to fly your true colors when hiding behind a fake account.  Ann Crossposter joined Facebook early this year.  Shame, crazy as a fox it seems.  It's probable that Ann Crossposter hides her crazy quite well when using her real name.  Again, how can we possibly trust adopting pitbulls from people like this?  From anyone really?  There is no way of knowing who Ann Crossposter really is, it could be any pitbull pusher!



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