Monday, February 24, 2014

Pit Bull Attacker Kim DeMuth Singh


The 4 year old Arizona victim fights for his life while people like Kim DeMuth from Dubuque Iowa sits at her computer lashing out at the victim.

Her opinion? 

Really?  A FOUR year old toddler was trespassing? (!!!)

The facts have been stated Kim.  We know the undog didn't leave its yard.  What we realize is had this been any other kind of dog, this 4 year old would most likely have suffered no more than a nip on his HAND for reaching to take the bone.  Instead the undog went for his face.  WENT FOR THE KILL.

Now, I don't blame the 4 year old.  And I don't blame the dog.  The dog was doing exactly what it was born to do.  KILL. 

I blame people like YOU Kim DeMuth.  I blame liars that fill the world with your pit propaganda.  Tell us Kim DeMuth Singh, was THIS a Nanny Dog?

What Kim?  Are you just going to stand there with an evil grin on your face?  'Fess up!! You would see this victim, this 4 year old toddler, be PUNISHED because some undog might die. 

This, in my opinion, makes Kim DeMuth unhuman. 

Dangerous Pit Bull protected by Dangerous Advocates


Mickey the pitbull managed to nearly rip the flesh off a small child's face over the weekend. 

The little 4 year old was doing what 4 year olds are suppose to do, playing outside, when he wandered into the neighbors unfenced yard where a dangerous pitbull laid in wait.

The child was severely injured because the dog was an undog.  If this had been any other breed of dog,
the child would most likely have suffered no injury.

According to reports, the child was rushed to a local hospital where he was in shock from blood loss.  The staff  at Maricopa Medical Center were shocked at how severe the maiming was, saying the facial injuries were horrific, "A large amount of his face from his forehead to his jaw was ripped back, folded back over the ear, and the mandible having obvious fracture to it this one caught everybody off guard with the severity," said Dr. Jeffrey Salamone.

The dog was removed by Maricopa County Animal Care and Control, and this message sent to parents of all children, "make sure your children are aware of the fact they should not take a toy take a bone from the dogs mouth don't tug on their tail or ears or feet try to educate your kids".

The Doctors at the hospital?  The say both Micky (the pitbull) and the 4 year old boy were just doing what they would naturally do. Dogs are possessive of food and toys and the little boy was probably just being curious, they say he didn't know any better. 
Of course the child didn't know better!!!  We aren't born to fear, he saw a dog and wanted to pet it most likely.  Perfectly innocent, perfectly normal.  The problem?  The dog isn't a normal dog, it's a pitbull.
What's even more abnormal?

The response of the pitbull advocate community!  Because Mickey will "most likely be put to sleep" after his 10 day quarantine because his owner 'surrendered him' the pitbull advocates are out for blood.  Real blood!
The advocates, here's a few in their own words, taken from a page opened to on Facebook in effort to save the attacking pitbull.


THIS is what a victim faces.  Not only the physical pain and healing (if they're lucky enough to survive), but also the continuing attack's by lowlife scum's like Ann Crossposter.  
Can you imagine there is someone this crazy, this psychotic, and this hateful living among us?  Well, if you live in Paducah Kentucky, congratulations.  You have a certifiable and possibly homicidal she-devil living amongst you.
Keeping all victims safe from prolonged attacks is the purpose of this page.  So, I wonder just how much the following organizations she likes on Facebook would like it if they knew she was this crazy!?  
I can only assume, but if it were my organization, I'd cut her off immediately from posting or cross-posting on my organization's behalf.  Crazy people representing them, well, can't be good for the dogs and cats she claims she works so hard to protect.  If she'll go so far as to WISH the death of a child because of a dog's life, how far would she go when not sitting at a computer screen?

People like Ann Crossposter are as responsible for the thousands of attacks suffered nationwide every year as the dogs themselves.  They insist on putting them out in the public.  How can we possibly trust adopting pitbulls from people like this?

But it's easy to fly your true colors when hiding behind a fake account.  Ann Crossposter joined Facebook early this year.  Shame, crazy as a fox it seems.  It's probable that Ann Crossposter hides her crazy quite well when using her real name.  Again, how can we possibly trust adopting pitbulls from people like this?  From anyone really?  There is no way of knowing who Ann Crossposter really is, it could be any pitbull pusher!



Thursday, February 20, 2014

Blaming the victim is standard procedure

How can anyone with any ounce of empathy believe it's okay to compare the loss of a child to a plane crash? 

Does that make an ounce of sense?


But the hate-site that wants people to believe it is a non-biased resource for information about victims of pit bull attacks thinks that makes perfect sense.

It's how we learn from tragedy is their proclamation. 


We learn from tragedies such as Beau Rutledge's death what we've learned repeatedly for over a century.  Pitbulls are vicious, dangerous, non-pet type dogs.  They have no business in homes, around human beings and other normal-pets.  They are undogs!  Do they have any purpose whatsoever to exist?


And trash like the hate site needs to know that their propaganda is a blatant attempt to discredit the honest and accurate data and research of Talk all the sideways mumbo-jumbo you want.  Do you think officials and people with any experience whatsoever with pitbulls doesn't know you are liars just like all of the other paid pro-pit propaganda outlets on the internet?


People aren't that dumb folks, just plain and simple.  Blaming mothers who have lost their child due to the lies you've spewed for decades doesn't make us wrong.  It makes you pathetic and inhumane.  Would any normal person find your rantings rational?


Yet, you continue with your barbaric idiocy in effort to protect your killer dogs.  Sad that you discount human life and use human tragedy in effort to hold on to a man made mutant that serves no purpose whatsoever.  Why can't you put this kind of effort behind any other breed of normal dog's preservation?  What's so bad about owning a cat?  Is that not something that suits your ego?


This blog was created to counter and respond to the outright attacks that the whoiscolleenlynn and foolishfollies sites post.  Do you think you make us look bad with the stuff you put out there?


For information that is factual the majority of officials go to  Do you know why?


Because it's RIGHT.  So spying, writing lies and spreading hate is a waste of your time.  But go ahead.  Because you give me something to write about.  Keep making up stuff that I can start posting here exposing your games and hatefulness.

We'll keep marching on, attending events nationwide and making our voices heard.  We'll keep talking to officials, and we'll make the change that is needed to get pitbulls out of our neighborhoods, off of our streets and out of the lives of innocent people that are at risk of being mauled, maimed and killed.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Welcome to Pit Bull Attackers

If you've come to this blog because of pit bulls, let's get something clear.  This blog is really not about how dangerous pit bulls are, or whether I like them or not. 

This blog is about pit bull owners, and whether I like them or not.  


Several years ago I was fortunate enough to learn the truth about the vicious nature of pit bulls, unfortunately it was at the expense of my dear friend and neighbor.  Afterward I chose to speak against these undogs to others, eventually leading me to an amazing group of individuals that provide support and guidance to all walks of life.

Some are survivors of pit bull attacks, others are family members that have lost a loved one that sadly becomes just a statistic in many reports shared regularly by people that want to protect the beasts.

Through the time I've watched and listened as the group of individuals has grown, I've witnessed people that have otherwise nothing in common build amazing friendships with one another.  Some have grown and found direction for their grief by choosing to take tragedy, turn it into a gift of life, dedicating themselves to spreading information that will save countless lives.  Others work through their tragedy by quietly speaking of their incident, sharing the emotional roller coaster, and receiving advice from others that experienced similar legal or social suffrage in addition to the physical pain.

And then, there are some that work through their grief by serving as the guards.  These individuals have taken their anger caused by the tragedy they suffered or witnessed and use it as an avenue to protect their brothers and sisters in arms from the angry and aggressive attacks by pit bull owners, advocates and apologists.

  • Never would you witness a group of drunks attack a family that suffers a personal loss at the hands of a drunk driver.
  • You would never hear a rally cry from swimming pool contractors blaming a parent that has just lost their child to drowning.
  • Imagine if doctors sat down with a grieving family, and rather than offer condolences instead blame a loved one's death on their failure to eat healthy, exercise and not smoke?

Yet, each of these friends and acquaintances that have been brought together from all around the world experience something similar to the unimaginable examples above.

Each of them, mothers, grandmothers, daughters, fathers, sons, uncles, have all been blamed or criticized for whatever reason best fits the specific situation. 

"Parents should know to never leave a child alone with a dog, even if it's a family pet."

"Chained dogs are more apt to be guarding, territorial, aggressive, less-socialized --" (fill in the blank with whatever excuse you wish).

"The dog was startled out of his sleep, the kid should have known better."

"Why wasn't this dog spayed/neutered?"

Without fail, as soon as a pit bull attack is reported the nutters appear in the comment section making such callous and thoughtless statements.  Soon, the guards surface.  They come armed with facts, statistics, and the passion of a true soldier, in effort to protect an unsuspecting family from the name calling and outright hatred of keyboard warriors professing to be an armchair expert based on their personal experience with some wiggly-butt-lick-your-face-off-awesome-loyal-nanny-dog-that-wouldn't-hurt-a-fly-pit bull, and none of them are from anywhere near where this most recent tragedy plays out. 

This blog is to honor this group of survivors.

And to reveal the true apathy and indigent, hate filled comments and behavior of the pit bull apologist. In future posts, I plan to share the words of these nutters that put a vicious dogs well-being before the needs of fellow human-beings, outlining the childish, insensitive and threatening personalities that appear to be the norm of the entire pro-pit circus.

I hope you'll join me, and use this blog as an opportunity to share your shock and disgust for the unacceptable, and sometimes borderline criminal harassment and their recent onslaught of attacks on this  group of victims, friends that would never choose to meet the qualifications of 'being a member' of a survivors group.