Thursday, February 20, 2014

Blaming the victim is standard procedure

How can anyone with any ounce of empathy believe it's okay to compare the loss of a child to a plane crash? 

Does that make an ounce of sense?


But the hate-site that wants people to believe it is a non-biased resource for information about victims of pit bull attacks thinks that makes perfect sense.

It's how we learn from tragedy is their proclamation. 


We learn from tragedies such as Beau Rutledge's death what we've learned repeatedly for over a century.  Pitbulls are vicious, dangerous, non-pet type dogs.  They have no business in homes, around human beings and other normal-pets.  They are undogs!  Do they have any purpose whatsoever to exist?


And trash like the hate site needs to know that their propaganda is a blatant attempt to discredit the honest and accurate data and research of Talk all the sideways mumbo-jumbo you want.  Do you think officials and people with any experience whatsoever with pitbulls doesn't know you are liars just like all of the other paid pro-pit propaganda outlets on the internet?


People aren't that dumb folks, just plain and simple.  Blaming mothers who have lost their child due to the lies you've spewed for decades doesn't make us wrong.  It makes you pathetic and inhumane.  Would any normal person find your rantings rational?


Yet, you continue with your barbaric idiocy in effort to protect your killer dogs.  Sad that you discount human life and use human tragedy in effort to hold on to a man made mutant that serves no purpose whatsoever.  Why can't you put this kind of effort behind any other breed of normal dog's preservation?  What's so bad about owning a cat?  Is that not something that suits your ego?


This blog was created to counter and respond to the outright attacks that the whoiscolleenlynn and foolishfollies sites post.  Do you think you make us look bad with the stuff you put out there?


For information that is factual the majority of officials go to  Do you know why?


Because it's RIGHT.  So spying, writing lies and spreading hate is a waste of your time.  But go ahead.  Because you give me something to write about.  Keep making up stuff that I can start posting here exposing your games and hatefulness.

We'll keep marching on, attending events nationwide and making our voices heard.  We'll keep talking to officials, and we'll make the change that is needed to get pitbulls out of our neighborhoods, off of our streets and out of the lives of innocent people that are at risk of being mauled, maimed and killed.

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